Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Perfume Blending Event with J. Hannah Co

The perfume blending event with J. Hannah is one of our absolute favorite workshops.  Well mark your calendar or better yet reserve your spot for Sunday September 28th from 5-7.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Local Maker Spotlight: Gypsy Floral

This Sunday is going to be all about buds! We’re hosting a sold-out, intimate flower-arranging workshop (with mimosas!) here in the shop Sunday afternoon with Gypsy Floral & Events. Participants will walk away with a new skill, a beautiful custom arrangement, and this white ceramic sugar can from Nannie Inez. How fun is that?

We asked our new friends Sunni Graham and Emily Reid of Gypsy Floral about their business and their love for flowers.

What’s the history of Gypsy Floral?

Mutual friends introduced us in 2012. After one coffee date, we decided to go into business together. We always jokingly tell people we fell in ‘flower love,’ but it’s the absolute truth. We started as business partners, but we think our friendship and passion for design is what makes Gypsy unique.  Our design style is luxe bohemian, laid back and full of romantic southern charm. We love connecting with our clients, and helping them “curate” their ideas into a beautiful event.
Emily (left) and Sunni (right)

Can you give us a little background about your experience creating floral arrangements? Can anyone learn how to make a gorgeous arrangement?

We both apprenticed with various floral designers, but we are mostly self-taught. We love what we do and love working with our hands to create artful arrangements. Other artists, as well as our darling clients inspire us, and we’re hyper-observant of the details that go into this craft. Every event we do we learn something new.

And yes, anyone with a creative spark can learn to make a beautiful arrangement. We think of flower arranging like cooking. We use flowers like the ingredients of a recipe and combine them in different ways to yield a new dish. So, if you can cook you can make a lovely arrangement.

Photo by Loft Photography

Photo by Loft Photographie

What are each of your favorite flowers and why?
Emily:  Plum scabiosa because it gives a touch of whimsy to any arrangement.
Sunni: Garden roses and stock for their fragrance; and poppies for their delicate, crepe-paper texture and happy colors!

Photo by Nadie Studio

What effect can a beautiful bouquet have on people?
Hands down, without a doubt the single best moment of our job is when we get to present the bouquet to the bride and see the look of happiness rush over her face.  

Anything else we should include?
For this workshop, we want to share our unique twist on bohemian design, combining more traditional, rich, textural, elements with fresh, unexpected accents. We hope everyone goes away with a little inspiration to be creative.

Photo by Kelsey Orr Harp

Are there any workshops you'd like to see at Nannie Inez? Let us know in our comments section!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Feng Shui Workshop with Stacy Davenport

Do you feel like your life, home or place of work is a little off-balance? You're in luck because we've invited Stacy Davenport, a Certified Feng Shui Expert and Life Coach, to host a Feng Shui workshop at our shop on August 17th from 5-7 p.m.! The workshop is $40. Email to reserve your space. 

Learn a little more about Stacy and what she has in store for us!

Give us a little background on who you are?
I'm a fun, dynamic and insightful certified Feng Shui expert who loves teaching others how to shift and recalibrate their lives. I've touched thousands, from France to Brazil, and throughout the United States. I've spend over 18 years supporting individuals and business leaders, using the science of Feng Shui and Consciousness Coaching, to enhance personal transformation and shift toward excellence. 

What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is the ancient science of working with and balancing the five elements in order to bring harmony and abundance in space -- home and/or office.

What's your history with this practice?
I studied with Master Lin Yun in Berkeley, California. My services include consultations for homes and businesses, and I teach workshops where I combine Feng Shui with Life Coaching. 
I am always excited to work on a space that I can bring into alignment, so it can support the occupants of the home and the owner and employees of a business. Once of my favorite regular clients is Milk + Honey. I recalibrate the energy of each location monthly. I also love working on new construction where we set crystals in the concrete and write intentions on the walls/studs prior to the sheetrock being installed. 

What will people learn and walk away with during the workshop?
Everyone will learn the following:
  • Personal Ming Kua and Element
  • Understand the 9 section Bagua Layout (above) and how to apply it over their home
  • Learn ways to activate the energy in each of the 9 sections
Thank you, Stacy! Interested in the workshop? Bring the floor plan of your house and your questions! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hiring! Part-Time Sale Associate

Nannie Inez is seeking the help of a part time sales associate.  The ideal candidate is motivated and hardworking, a lover of Modern Design that enjoys working with customers.  Sales Experience necessary, experience working with Photoshop would be a plus.  Does this sound like you or someone you know, well we'd love to meet you.  Please email resume to
Key Accountabilities:
  • Provide Excellent Customer Service while keeping selling the top priority
  • Enjoy connecting with customers and demonstrating an enthusiastic and positive attitude
  • Drive to meet and exceed performance expectations and goals
  • Strong sense of pride and responsibility for maintaining an overall positive experience with every facet of the Nannie Inez brand
  • Motivated and goal-oriented, have an entrepreneurial outlook and comfortable working in a retail environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of store products and services, and the ability to effectively communicate this information to customers
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, including morning, evening and weekend availability 
  • Must be available to work during the holiday season, including the week prior to Christmas and the week between Christmas and the New Year. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

This Is How It's Done: Bend Lucy Chair

You guys, I can't tell you how cool it is to see how our customers are using the goodies they've found at Nannie Inez.  Last night a good friend of ours, Lesley of Smart Mouth Social Media invited us over for a bit of hang time and a few cocktails and it was an absolute delight to see NI bits sprinkled throughout their place.  My favorite moment was the Orange Planter, Lucy Chair and the Pols Potten Basket that we carried when we first opened.  Seeing it last night made me remember how much I love that piece and you can believe it will be back in the shop soon.  Have something from Nannie Inez and want to share your styling, tag us on Instagram!  It would make our eyeballs so happy. 

New Finell Slant Box

Loving vibrant pink... who me??  No shocker here, I guess but the new news would be the arrival of Slant Box with neon pink acrylic lid by Finell.  Constructed at an angle, the box has a sliding acrylic lid making it the perfect container for your bits and bobs.  I will definitely be using mine for storing away some of my everyday jewelry pieces.  

This picture was pulled from our Instagram feed and if you'd like to follow along, you can find us right here. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Facets and Folds: The New Modern

Living Etc has always been a source of inspiration for us at Nannie Inez.  I don't know about you guys but I'm starting to feel a little sensory overload with pinterest.  Nothing seems to jump from the screen and I usually see the same things over and over again.  I think there is a shift happening, a return to print and original content.  But I digress, this post is actually about the interesting feature I recently read in Living Etc, July issue about "A New Angle:  folds, ripples, facets and pleats--playing with texture and form creates striking modern design".  We totally agree.  Let's talk about some of our favorite folds and facets in the shop.  

 We love all things plant related at Nannie Inez and the plant stands are the perfect accessory for the hexagon brass pots

Keep your paper organized in Hay's Plisse Notebook.  Think of it as a modern accordion style filing system. 

Have you seen the new Misfold origami piece by Finell?  When it's not hanging and looking fabulous, it easily collapses into a small little orgami accordion for easy storage.  But honestly, why not just keep this stunner out for everyday enjoyment.  

It wouldn't feel right not to mention our foundation for folds and facets.  The origami sculptural piece that resides in our shop is a piece that makes me smile every single day.  Come see for yourself.