Friday, April 4, 2014

This Is How It's Done: Matchstick Planter

You guys know we love our plants right?  I'm so glad that you do too.  It totally makes my day to see how some of our lovely customers (and in this case, friend) use their goodies from Nannie Inez.  I was delighted to see how Celine of Aqua House uses her Matchstick planter.  Celine has great style and is quite hilarious.  I'm so glad the matchstick planter has found it's home with her.  You can find yours right here. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Office Design Ideas: Domino Mag

You guys, check out all of the lovely Nannie Inez business on!  We were contact a couple weeks ago about sending in some of our office accessories for the Office Design Idea feature.  I was so pleased to see that everything we sent had been used in the article.  Exciting right?!  Please check out the link to see the office makeover.  It's quite lovely indeed.  You can find these goods on our site here:  Finell Sway Container Seletti Sugar Can, Hay Kaleido Trays, Hay Tower Block and Craft Design Technology Scissors

Photo Cred:  Michael Whiltbank

Saturday, March 22, 2014

This Is How It's Done: Seletti Can

Recently I spotted the Seletti can in action while cruising around on the Fjeldborg blog.  Isn't it lovely!  This is how it's done my good people!  Check it out, the seletti can is a simple design piece that is whimsical and fun yet functional!  It's the perfect container for stowing away your tea, coffee, sugar etc.  Check it out. 

Newness in the shop you guys!  Check out the lovely leather pieces by This Is Ground and Makr.  This Is Ground makes the cutest leather accessories for keeping your cords and misc. technology neatly organized.  Makr is just woe... the iphone cover, angle wallet and cross body bag are just too good.  Check out our exclusive prints from Texas based Adrian Landon.  Do you remember reading about him on our blog?  Check him out.  Don't event get me started on our new Nynne Rosenvinge prints.  Aren't they lovely!!  I'm happy to tell you Nannie Inez was the first shop in the states to carry her collection.  Whoop whoop!

Friday, March 7, 2014

New Finell Co at Nannie Inez

This week we received our first round of Finell Co collection and it makes me so happy.  Have you been seeing this collection around?  Well get ready, you will! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Finell about a year ago when she stopped by Nannie Inez.  We talked about design and she mentioned they she was launching a collection and had previously designed a range of modern baby goods.  Well I had no idea that she was talking about Boon!  And that SHE.. Rebecca... was the mastermind behind the collection.  I'm not a parent but even I know that the grass drying rack is a classic.  

Finell Co, which happens to be designed here in Austin, describes itself as a Neo Luxe housewares and Accessories collection.  The debut collection is fresh and innovative.  Everything feels very original and special.  Wait until you see the serveware pieces!  Being Nannie Inez, we had to start with the silicone range.  These little containers are made of the most tactile silicone I've ever touched and it's hard to keep your hands off.  When showing a friend the collection for the first time she said, "I feel like I'm looking at the future!".  I think she's right.  See the Finell collection at Nannie Inez. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hay Tower Blocks in Anthology Magazine

You guys, check it out!  Thank you so much Anthology Magazine for featuring Nannie Inez in the Shopkeeper's Pick section of Issue #14.  We certainly love the Hay Tower Blocks, you can check them out right here.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Natural Perfume Blending Workshop!

You guys!  This is going to be an awesome workshop.  Come join us on February 27th from 6-8 for a Natural Perfume Blending workshop led by natural perfumier Jessica Hannah.  Sample essential oils from around the world and most importantly, leave with your own custom blend!  Buy your tickets here.